When It’s Time To Lie Down


Now is the time to peak into my journal entry for the day as a follow-up to my recent devotional post. Get excited! Ok. Not that excited. It’s not really from my own personal journal. 😉


Allow me to confess here: Lying down in green pastures is not really easy. It is only easy if you fully trust, but let’s be honest here. Nobody really trusts that completely right away. At least very few people I’ve met in my life seem to have this trust thing down. I certainly don’t.


When is the time to rest? Usually, for normal people with normal day time jobs, night time is the time to lie down. For us, as Christians,

when is the time to lie down?


I can’t tell you all the times in my life where the Lord seems to literally force me to lie down. I had no other choice. So I went down, but not without a fight. Call it pride and/or a desire for self-reliance. I wanted to figure things out for myself rather than rely on the wisdom of God, or I wanted to be in control. Either way a fight ensued to get me to lie down and relax!


Circumstances sometimes dictate a need to let go, because as the circumstance will reveal, you’re not in control like you thought you were. Things happen. Life happens and it throws you for a loop. You have no idea how to get out of the situation. All you know is you have no control over what is happening. You are completely at the mercy of God.


If you’re like me, your mind is constantly rolling around ideas, trying to look at the situation from all angles. (If you read my “About” page, you know my claim to using both sides of my brain at times, which brin

gs a war in my head! Oy vey! Most of the time though, I’m right-sided.) My left brain kicks into high-gear, and I’m using logic to figure things out. I analyze everything. If you’re like me, then you know this is an exhausting exercise.


Once I finally wear myself out, I lie down. “OK, God, You can take control.”


I wonder if this is why the writer of Hebrews says “to strive to enter into the rest of God (Hebrews 4:11 ESV).” Strive? Why strive? The word strive seems to indicate a need for some effort on our end. Why does it takes some effort for us to enter into God’s rest?


My guess is probably because we have the tendency to pick up “our work”. At least I do. I keep trying to work to please God instead of

Bed Jump

Bed Jump (Photo credit: jamesjyu)

resting in the knowledge that He has provided everything I need. I struggle with believing that I am accepted in the Beloved. There’s is nothing I can do to earn God’s favor or make Him love me more than He already does. Likewise, there is nothing I can do to make Him love me less.

(Additional caption for photo on the right: Now that’s what I call striving to rest! haha! 🙂 )


I must strive to stop working. Strive to stop achieving God’s favor and love. Stop trying to earn His blessings and receive. I must fight these tendencies to control God and get Him to do what I want. He has already provided all I need. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Amen?


Yes, He makes me to lie down in green pastures, and I am thankful there are times I don’t have a choice, because it reminds me who really is in control. It is God who is in complete control. He sees the bigger picture of my life. He knows where I’m headed, though I can hardly see two feet in front of me. Pretty much, I see no other choice but to trust Him to lead me to those still waters through the path of His choice for my life until He brings me to that final rest in Him at the end. My work is to practice lying down now.


When is the time to lie down? Now. Now is the time to learn to rest.


Green Pastures

Do not those two words paint a serene picture that just beckons you to lie down? It does me. And I do so love the outdoors! Once it gets nice enough, I love being outside breathing in fresh air, feeling a breeze against my face, and the warm sun shining down on me. There’s something about being outside in nature that brings serenity.

One of the definitions of serene means calm, undisturbed. Isn’t that the feeling we get when we are at rest?

In Psalm 23 verse 2, David said the Lord makes him to lie down in green pastures. The Lord makes him rest.

How? How does the Lord make David or even us rest? Call me crazy, but I think the green pastures is a symbolism of God. The only way we can lie down and rest is if we know the character of God. Lying down requires trust.

If we know God is trustworthy, we will lie down.

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

Lying down in green pastures is to rest in the knowledge of  God and His loving care for us.

Is life chaotic? Do you have unrest? Lie down.  Know that your Heavenly Father loves and cares for you.

If you don’t know that, then that makes lying down difficult. The best remedy then is to know Him. When you know someone you can begin to trust.

Fear and mistrust will keep us from lying down. But oh! Once we know–truly know that God loves us unconditionally and that His heart towards us is always for good, lying down is easy, breezy.

Hello! I am clay.

Potter's Hands

Potter’s Hands (Photo credit: dbnunley)

Not literally, of course. 😉 I am clay figuratively speaking, because in the hands of God I am being shaped and molded to fit His purpose in the world.

As my first blog on WordPress, allow me to welcome you here! The subject of this blog is going to be about a journey, my journey, as I walk out the life of Christ on this earth. I named this blog In The Potter’s Hands to reflect the imagery of Isaiah 64:8 that says,

“But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

I am clay in the Potter’s hands, clay in the hands of God. I desire to allow the Lord to shape me into the person who He wants me to be. If you know anything about pottery, you know that the shaping and molding process for the clay is rough! But the clay yields itself into the hands of the potter where it is crafted lovingly and carefully into a beautiful work of art.

My goal here is to write about this process. I will write sometimes as a journal and other times as a devotional. I hope those that read this blog who are also in this same molding process will be encouraged. Feel free to share and leave comments. If maybe you’re not a Christian, I hope the words you read leads you to consider Jesus.

Thanks for reading! Blessings in Christ! All glory to Him!