The Striking Disclosure of God

Tyger, Tyger burning bright

In the forest of the night,

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? ~ William Blake, The Tyger

I love to sit outside once the spring weather arrives and have my quiet time with the Lord. I take out a lounge chair, my Bible, my journal, my devotional book, a notebook, and maybe a book I’ve been reading. The days I treasure the most is when it’s the perfect temperature, 70 degrees, and the sun is shining full force.

One day as I was outside doing my devotions, I looked around me and drank in the loveliness of nature. As I sat there still in my chair, I watched the white petals from the blooming cherry tree float down to the ground like snow flakes as a soft breeze traveled through it. I marveled at the blueness of the cloudless sky and how the radiant sun illuminated the vivid colors of the plush green grass. I became overwhelmed with God’s glory wrapped around me.

Oh the wonder of it all!

English: Cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park,...

English: Cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Isn’t it amazing how much you see when you sit still? I can’t help but wonder if this is part of what God meant when He said, “Be still and know that I am God.” If I were not still, I would miss it. I would miss the revelation of God in nature.

One of the definitions of revelation in Webster’s dictionary is “a striking disclosure”. So God’s revelation is God self-disclosing or God revealing Himself to mankind. Theology describes nature as part of “the general revelation of God”.

What does God reveal to me about Himself through His creation? Recently, I would say His beauty and majesty.  As William Blake’s poem talks about the wonder of the fearful form of a tiger, I see the beauty and wonder of God in the hummingbird. Occasionally I will see one hovering next to the petunias hanging over the porch. I watch it with child-like wonder and listen to the hum of it’s wings flapping at anywhere from 12-80 times per second.

Abraham Joshua Heschel once said, “I asked for wonder, and He gave it to me.” If I sit still long enough, as I do sitting out on the back deck, I can ask God to show me wonder and He answers by showing me Himself through His creation. This revelation leads me to worship Him, the Creator of all things. The One who sets even the atoms dancing!

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”  Jeremiah 33:3

May I remember to sit and be still long enough to ask and to see the striking disclosure of God in His creation!

2 thoughts on “The Striking Disclosure of God

  1. I love those quiet and alone times with God sitting on my front porch sipping a cup of warm coffee and soaking in his love via His word and the nature all around that screams his love to us! Thank you for the beautiful post!

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