Sunshine Award


It is a huge honor to receive this award from  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up after receiving it. I’ve worked on it and then had to put it aside and then I forgot about it. Out of sight, out of mind! The reason for writing In The Potter’s Hands is to share God’s process of molding me with others. That molding is a painful process but needful and I hope that this will be a place for others to share their own molding process. Now it is my honor to pass this award on to other bloggers whose writings have been a such a blessing to me. You may have gotten this award already so don’t feel bad if you don’t accept it from me. Just know how much I think of your work in the blogosphere. You guys are awesome! I am thankful for the wonderful WordPress family! Blessings!! ❤

The Sunshine Award recognizes bloggers whose writings “light up the dark corners of our minds” The rules are simple and provided below:

(1) Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.

(2) Do the Q&A below.

(3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

The Questions:

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite animal? Dogs – their loyalty is unmatched

Favorite number? 7 – what’s in a number? I hate math.

Favorite nonalcoholic drink? Tea. And when I’m not drinking tea, water.

Favorite alcoholic drink? Normally, don’t drink alcohol. Hate it unless it is masked with other non alcoholic beverages. On very rare occasions would I drink a Margarita or a pina colada. I don’t drink carbonated drinks either. Hate them. It’s the bubbly I hate. I hate the bubbles.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook – never got the point of Twitter. Although FB is now a bit–eh. I only keep it to keep up with close family and friends.

My Passions? God, family, church, friends, arts and crafts, teaching.

Giving or Receiving Gifts? Giving – I love the look of joy on their faces!

My Nominations:

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. I agree with kingintraining…it is much deserved. Thank you also for the nomination. I have already received it so can not accept it again. I thank you all the same. God bless you as you spread His Word. In His Service, Jeff

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