Awaken by Lawrence Tribble


One man awake,

Awakens another.

The second awakens

His next door brother.

The three awake can rouse

A town

By turning the whole place

Upside down.

The many awake

Can cause such a fuss

It finally awakens the

Rest of us.

One man up,

With dawn in his eyes

Surely then


This poem was written prior to the American Revolution in the late 1700’s.

“The Great Awakening touched every section of the colonial domains of England in the New World–from northernmost New England to southernmost Georgia. And its impact was enormous. Interestingly, this cultural and spiritual phenomenon was entirely grassroots evangelism and community cooperation, as this famous verse illustrates.” George Grant, The American Patriot’s Handbook.

Pray for the church in America to awaken.

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