Marshall Fields' clock on State Street in Chicago, IL. Photo by Atelier Teee

Marshall Fields’ clock on State Street in Chicago, IL. Photo by Atelier Teee

One morning I rushed out of the house to go to work. I was running late.  I opened the car door and threw my purse and work bag into the passenger’s seat in the front and in the process my purse hit the glove compartment and put a little dash in it. Right at that moment I felt the Lord speak to my heart, “You’re in too much of a hurry.”

Now, it’s not very often I get those direct messages from the Lord to my mind so clearly, but that day it was very clear. “You’re in too much of a hurry.”

He’s right. Ironic, eh? It’s amazing how many times the Lord is right about something. 😉

I believe in that moment the Lord spoke to me He was getting at something else. He’s was pointing His finger on a problem with which I struggle. Time right now is one of those dimensions that I struggle with on a daily basis.

Running late is not something I like admitting, but it’s true. I’m always running late. I think I know how this happens. I try to do too much with too little time. One minute I think I’m doing well being on time and the next minute it’s time to leave and I’m not done. I wish I had more time to do what I want to do without paying heed to such restrictions as my need to eat or sleep or work within the energy I have. These are limitations that I probably need to respect, but it’s a struggle.

I’m struggling right now to hurry up and get this post published. Irritation consumed me when I found out the Zemanta integration was removed. It was such a convenient feature for me because I didn’t have to waste time looking for pictures on the Internet. I could let Zemanta to do it and get the post published posthaste. Why, WordPress??!! Why did you remove it?!!

Here’s my other struggle with time. I am sandwiched in between two periods just like the word “Time” in the title of this post. It feels confining. I’m either being chased from behind by my past or I’m chasing the future to get away from the present. Do you ever feel like that?

As we celebrate the New Year, make resolutions and plan our goals for 2014, I feel the Lord reminding me of this one thought,

“My times are in Your hands.” Psalm 31:15a

He’s reminding me to be aware of who He is and what He is doing in the present. Plan for the future but live in the present while respecting my limitations as a human being.

My pastor spoke this yesterday and I wrote it down:

“Be aware of who He is and what He is doing in the present tense.”

A lot of us can get caught up in what He is going to do in the future. We wonder about the end times or we worry about how God is going to provide our needs for the future. We also get trapped in a time warp of the past. The past that holds words that were spoken or deeds that were done to us that injured us. Or maybe the past holds what we believe to be better times than our present. Either way, we’re not living in the present. We’ve taken our own DeLorean and ridden off to our own time displacement.

Yep, that’s me.

And so I offer up to the Lord my times. The past, present, and future. I seek Him in the moment. I listen for Him to speak. This is my goal for the new year, to listen more. To be more aware of His movement. To be more in tune with His voice.

Maybe you are like me. Maybe you need to offer up to the Lord your times. Live in the present and offer up to Him your past as well as your future. Respect your limitations and don’t try to do it all in one day. It’s exhausting, anyways!

Make this your resolution for 2014.

Blessings to you all!


10 thoughts on “.Time.

  1. I love this…respecting the time. I am dealing with trying to get in bed at a descent hour. I always feel guilty when I stay up late, because It pushes everything else back the next day. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing.

    • Oh Marilyn!! The Lord has been dealing with me about this too. I want to be a night owl but God is reminding me of my limits. I need to respect my weakness and go to bed earlier. I need to not stay up til 11. Speaking of which, there’s a basketball game on tonight that I want to watch and it probably won’t go off til 11! Oy vey!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. As I read this outstanding post, the words, “Me, too!” kept coming to mind. The struggle to be on time (because I, too, try to do too much, thinking I have plenty of time, then DON’T), the frustration of wasting time, and the pressure of completing the to-do list–all familiar situations to me. Thank you very much for the reminder to live in the present–in the interruptions, in the change of plans, in the limitations God has built into our bodies. Running ragged or running ahead is not part of his plan! I do want to be under His control.

    Thank you also for becoming a follower of my blog. I am honored, and trust you’ll find the posts meaningful.

    • Thank you, Nancy! It always amazes me to find others who struggle with the same thing. I always think I’m the only one until someone else says, “Yeah, me too!”, then I’m encouraged. No struggle is uncommon to man, right? 🙂 We can struggle together as believers, moving forward towards His plan for our lives. Praise God for fellow travelers! Thank you so much for stopping by. I look forward to reading more from you!

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