Wherever you ar…

Jim Elliot in Equador

Jim Elliot in Equador.

Wherever you are…

Wherever you are, be all there. ~ Jim Elliot


4 thoughts on “Wherever you ar…

  1. Love, love, love Jim Elliot’s ministry and story! A true picture of what lengths God will go to save his lost and dying sheep. His life/death also make me listen up to what he had to say. That quote spoke volumes decades ago; how much more now?

    Thank you SO much for sharing it! And have a great weekend.


    • Amen, Marlene! An amazing story! I once went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert where, I believe it was the son of Nick Saint (not sure I’m remembering the name right) spoke and brought one of the tribesmen that killed his father. He had become a Christian after the tragedy. It was so…I can’t even describe it! Amazing is not even the right word. Doesn’t go far enough. Have you ever read Through Gates of Splendor?

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