The First Cup: Coffee for Your Heart

With Holley Gerth

Welcome to the first cup of Coffee for Your Heart!

I became a coffee lover a few years ago when a friend of mine forced me to drink some in order to stay awake for our girl’s night out. I warned her I didn’t like coffee. I had tried it when I was younger, black. No sugar or anything in it and was not impressed. Sure, it smelled good, but the taste was bitter. My encouraging friend who was not willing to let me be a party pooper, said she’d put a lot of sugar in it and add some creamer. I tried it and thought, Wow! If I had known you could prepare coffee this way to suit your own taste, I would’ve started drinking it a long time ago. haha!

So now I am a coffee lover and my good friend from California sends me Peet’s, the good stuff, whenever he can.

As you are drinking your cup of coffee this morning, find a cozy chair and listen to these words:

You are loved.

Do you believe that?

Let these words sink into your heart because they are from the Father God:

You are loved more than you know.

The amazing and wonderful thing about God is that He knows us completely. Yep! He knows those dark, deep crevices of your heart where even you dare not look. He is completely aware of our deceitful hearts, yet He is still completely in love with you.

He is under no delusions about who we are. We can try as we might to set up appearances of goodness, but He is not fooled.

To be completely known and completely loved by the God of the Universe. How awesome is that??

Do you believe that?

Well, you should. Because it is true. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you think you’ve really blown it, and now God could never love you, think again. He’s crazy about you! It doesn’t matter how bad you mess up. His love is not based on how well you behave as a Christian, because if it was, why would He send His Son to die for you when you were still a sinner (BC-Before Christ status)? His love is based on who He is not who you are.

“But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8

Have a great week, Beloveds!


3 thoughts on “The First Cup: Coffee for Your Heart

  1. AMEN……………… Thank you for that reminder! And glad you tried coffee a different way. I’m mostly a tea drinker, but Hazelnut creamer usually invites me to try a cup of coffee every so often. God’s blessings to you (encourager)!!


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