What Brings Me Joy {Coffee for Your Heart}

Snow Cat

Snow Cat (Photo credit: clickclique)

What brings me joy, you ask?

Get ready. I made a list. 🙂

  • The sweet smell of my new candle, Frosted Cupcake. Thank you, Michaels craft store.
  • The kind words of a friend.
  • A cup of coffee mixed with my now favorite creamer, Coffee Mate‘s Creme Bruleé, which I can’t find any where at Walmart. grrr!
  • The violet and pink hues of a sunset.
  • A fresh blanket of snow draped over tree limbs and tucked into the needles of fir trees.
  • Good quality time with family and friends.
  • The woodsy smell of my melted wax in my wax warmer. (If you don’t have one of these, you’re missing out!)
  • Cozying up with a good book before I turn out the lights.
  • The wood burning smell of a fireplace in the winter.
  • The moment when you’re checking out at a store and you find out the item you want to purchase is on sale. Cha-ching!!
  • Those “red letter words” of God that jump out at me and meet me right where I am. When I say,”red letter”, I don’t mean the words of Christ that is written in red in some Bibles, but the Word of God that seems to directly speak to you right where you are just at the moment you need it. Amen!

These are only a few things that bring me joy. There’s more, but this is enough for now.

English: Photo of a stone fireplace.

English: Photo of a stone fireplace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All these warm the cockles of my heart. They are like sweet kisses from the Father when I receive them during the hard days or good days.

Now, I throw the question back at ya. What brings you joy? Feel free to respond in the comments. 🙂

Blessings in Christ!

Welcome to Coffee for Your Heart! This series is an opportunity to pour out some love and encouragement to others every Wednesday. If you are interested in joining, please visit Holley Gerth’s website and sign up for her emails here.

Coffee for Your Heart with Holley Gerth

With Holley Gerth

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5 thoughts on “What Brings Me Joy {Coffee for Your Heart}

  1. There is so much that brings me joy….right now, though, I am sitting with four children at music lessons…..they are antsy and a tad cranky, and I am still filled with joy that they are mine…mine…mine…(Well, God’s, but He has granted me the honor of being their mom). 🙂

    Amazing post, as always!

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