The Author

Eighteenth-century writing desk

Eighteenth-century writing desk (Photo credit: FoxingClever)

With a slew of blank pages sitting in front of Him, the Author pulls up His chair before His writing desk. He grabs a pen and begins to stroke letters across the first empty page. The story He is creating originates in His own mind. The characters in the story are many but only one protagonist. Only one main character that links all the others together. Only one that ties the sub-plots into the main plot.

These characters are living people just as real as the Author Himself. Though the characters would like to think this is all about them, it is really about Him.

This is HIStory.

The Author created these characters. He breathed life into their soul, giving them a body to live out their story in front of Him in real time. Many of these characters live their life like He doesn’t exist, like He isn’t watching, but some are aware and tremble because they know He is the one holding the pen. These rebel characters believe they have their own pen to write their own story. They say,

“Let us break their chains and free ourselves from the [Author].” Psalm 2:3

What they don’t realize is the very freedom they have been given to chose between the Author and His pen or create a pen from their own imagination was given to them by the Author Himself. Nor do they realize forfeiting the Author’s pen means forfeiting a life and a future beyond anything they could create in their own minds.

English: Image of Kentucky poet Madison Cawein...

English: Image of Kentucky poet Madison Cawein writing at his desk. From The Story of a Poet: Madison Cawein by Otto Arthur Rothert. J. P. Morten and Company, 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And so it is a choice for ALL characters to surrender to the pen of the Author or create their own story, knowing they will have to live with the outcome of their creation.

To all you characters out there: Trust and believe the Author has good plans for your story. Good? Nay, magnificent! For His glory will be revealed through your story. Put down your pen and trust in His. Yes, you can choose to pick up your own pen and write your own story, but His is so much better. The story is all about Him anyways.

“Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…” Hebrews 12:2


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