I remember using the word, “whatever”, in the midst of an argument with my brother. We youngsters at that time, had this motion with our fingers to add emphasis to our “whatever” arguments. The motions stood for “capitalized, italicized, and underlined” which we used to prove our point.

Lately, I’m turning “whatever” into a prayer rather than use as evidence to prove a point. My “whatever” expresses an openness to whatever God wants to send my way. Whatever gift, wrapped in whatever package.

Not that I still don’t list out my requests. No, I think our Heavenly Father encourages us to be honest about our desires, but to ask with humility, understanding that what we think we want or need might not align with His will, because our ways are not His ways, nor are our thoughts His thoughts. Sometimes our desires align more with our flesh or sinful nature than it does God’s will.

We have a choice in our stance.


Loosely (Photo credit: – luz -)

As I posted earlier here, we can stand with our fists clenched, demanding our way or we can stand palms up, open to receive whatever God wants to give. A quote I read from C.S. Lewis more eloquently states, “St. Augustine says, ‘God only gives where He finds empty hands.’ A man whose hands are full of parcels can’t receive a gift.” I will add to that quote by saying a man whose fingers are clenched shut is full of himself and can’t receive from God.

Isn’t that what we are when we demand our own way? Full of ourselves.

We live in a society where we are all demanding our rights. We must be careful of this sort of stance before God. Standing in demand puts us in a position saying God owes us something when the truth is He doesn’t owe us anything. He is not the debtor. We are.

We stand in need of emptying our hands.

I stand in need.

Frustration clenches my fists when what I want does not happen. Then I sulk for days until I unclench my fists and surrender myself to vulnerability, revealing my empty palms.

Yes, I went through this recently. Just call me Miss Stubborn Pants.

My Father waited patiently for me to relent. Once I did, He overcame me with peace and assurance that what He wants to give me is all good. And then a funny thing happened after I let go of my own way. Joy poured into my hands like water from a water pump. I cupped my hands and drew the water to my lips to drink in the refreshing goodness of God.

“Then Jesus called the crowd to him, along with his followers. He said, ‘If people want to follow me, they must give up the things they want. They must be willing to even give up their lives to follow me.” Mark 8:35

KJV uses the words, “deny himself”. The Amplified Version expounds the phrase to “forget, ignore, disown, lose sight of himself and his own self interests”.

Psalm 48:9 O God, we meditate on your unfailin...

Psalm 48:9 O God, we meditate on your unfailing love as we worship in your Temple. (Photo credit: natil0ve)

Remember the rich young ruler? You can find him a few chapters ahead in Mark 10:21-22. Why would a rich young man walk away from Jesus sad? Because he didn’t want to empty his hands.

Let’s let go of our rights to our own self-interests. Lose sight of ourselves. Let’s live with our hands empty so we may receive whatever.

“Lord, whatever you want to give me, I stand with my hands empty, ready to receive. Whatever, Lord. Whatever.”



8 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. When I was young we all did a birthday list each year. It had to contain a mixture of big and small, and it had to be more than all the family could buy (or else it would never be a surprise). We have done away with lists over the years. Preferring to receive a gift that was thought about, chosen for a reason, given because the giver “knows us”.

    The “list prayer” has long been a cringe prayer in my mind. And whilst not dispelling that completely, your words here, your clenched fist picture … has softened my “hard heart” on that one. My mind is more open and less clenched.

    Which is a wonderful gift. Thank you.

  2. Such a beautiful post and reminder. God will bless us with many gifts from above throughout our life but we must always remember that they are gifts of grace and love not because He owes us anything. What we don’t have we don’t need at the moment. Sometimes it’s better to have empty hands than hands full of things that will only get in the way of our relationship with Him.

    • Thank you, Anna! Amen! Yes, the Lord gives out of His grace and love to us. So thankful that He does too rather than giving what we really deserve. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Blessings in Christ!

  3. Love, love, love this! I remember as God was teaching me this as well, how I realized that I had been clenching for so long that my fingers had grown tired and weary and they were opening on their own. I think that is symbolizing that we do Grow weary when we try it without God… and is not in our own strength that we can live this life. In His plan is where I want to be all the time. Just love this post!

  4. Fantastic post! I smiled when I read about your original use of “Whatever” – my three year old likes to mimic Colin Buchanan’s puppet “Nudge” saying “Whatever!” in a cheeky tone on the song “Stop What You’re Doing and Pray to Jesus!” In honour of your inspirational writings, I want to recognise your blog with A Very Inspirational Blogger Award. No obligation to participate, but if you have the time and you would like to, head over to my page at http://humbleheartscribbles.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/thankyou-a-very-inspiring-blogger-award/ and you will find the instructions there.

    • Thank you so much, Merryn! I don’t remember where we got the “whatever” gestures. I accept though I’m slow at doing these. It’s been so long I hope I remember how to do it. Blessings in Christ! And thanks for reading. 🙂

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