Following Jesus

Following Jesus means leaving something behind.

Hey all!! I have not been on here much mostly do to laptop problems. I got a “new” (as in new to me) laptop and then low and behold, the hard drive began to fail so it is back to ol’ Rusty who is about to make me chuck it through the window cuz it operates at a glacial pace. Drives me nuts!! So to save my sanity I have not been using my laptop much til the new one gets fixed. Hopefully, that will be soon. I tried to do it myself with the help of a friend from another state, but alas, that is not working out well. So, I need to find an IT person quick before my sick hard drive kicks the bucket. Until then, I had to share this thought that has been flashing through my mind the past few weeks. Simple but true and something we forget. Disciples of Jesus know the cost of following Christ, but count the loss as nothing and the gain as everything.


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