Daddy’s Hand

Kiki playing with daddy's hand.

Kiki playing with daddy’s hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been years since I held my daddy’s hand as a little girl. I remember the comfort I felt with my small hand inside his enormous hand. I felt his strength and his confidence and it gave me confidence that my daddy wouldn’t let me go. His strong hand would guide me along the aisles as we made our way through the grocery store.

I held my daddy’s hand for the last time three years ago come October just before he past away. Battling pancreatic cancer for a year, he decided he had enough and it was time to surrender the fight. I saw him two weeks before he passed. Frail. A white whisp of hair still holding onto his head. A tumor the size of a cantaloupe enlarging his belly. He didn’t look like the strong father I remembered as a child. I sat on the couch holding my father’s hand in silence since the pain stole his strength to talk.

Though the last image of my father in my memory is of him frail and ravaged by disease, I will remember him the most as the tall, strong man that I remember as a child. The memory of holding his large hands will live with me forever.

I can’t hold my earthly father’s hand anymore, but my heavenly Father’s hand, whose hands are even larger than my earthly father’s, is always there to hold.

Daddy God’s hand is there forever for comfort and guidance–and boy, do I need it!

Oh, you do too?

Yeah, I hear ya.

The time we live in today leaves us feeling uncertain. Uncertainty creeps into every part of my life. I’m not really sure of anything nowadays.

Speaking of being unsure: I’m cloning my hard drive right now. Cloning is the technical term for copying a hard drive onto another hard drive. Yeah, that’s what I think I’m doing. 🙂 I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never done this before and it’s a little scary. I’m following the guidance of my computer guru…my uncle. I keep thinking, “Man, I hope this works!! Lord, help me!!”

I plan on becoming a life coach. This is a complete career change for me. I’ll be jumping from operating as a secretary to coaching people’s lives. What a jump! That is scary to me!! I have no road map in front of me. No idea how to get from where I am to where I want to be. I’m just not sure.

Uncertainty leaves me feeling blind. You ever been driving down the interstate when the heavens open up a torrential downpour? Yep. I’ve been there. I remember not being able to see the road in front of me. I felt totally lost and uncertain of making the next inch forward because I didn’t know what was ahead. My body gets tense. My fingers grip the steering wheel til they turn white. Total panic is right around the corner. Ahhhh!!!! And all because I am not sure of what is ahead.

We humans obsess sometimes about being sure. Funny, though, I don’t think faith is about being 100% sure about anything. The only sure thing is that God is good and He is faithful. He will accomplish His purpose for my life. He will always be with me and His hand will guide me as I trust in Him.

While it still would be nice to have a roadmap, I probably would rely more on the roadmap than on God. Maybe this is why the Lord tells us,

“The just shall live by faith.” Habakkuk 2:4

We can’t be fully reliant on our intellect or self-will or even our fickle feelings. They are not reliable guides. I tried those guys out, and it didn’t work out well. Obviously, they serve a purpose and have a place in our total design as human beings, otherwise, God would not have gifted us with these tools, but they are just tools to help us along the way. Not guides.

So what can we do? The only thing to do is trust in the guiding hand of our Father God. Faith is the word that keeps coming to my mind as I move along this new year of 2015. I believe the Lord has told me this is the year of new beginnings for me. Great!! Now, how do I get to there?


“I will lead blind Israel down a new path, guiding them along an unfamiliar way. I will brighten the darkness before them and smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things. I will not forsake them.” ~Isaiah 42:16

One step at a time I trust the Lord to guide me. I trust Him to take me to the next step. And then the next step. And then the next step. This is what He is reminding me to do.

I’m believing God for some great things this year, but of course, this comes with some stretching of my faith. And yes, it is painful as I am moving beyond my comfort zone! Who likes change? Not I. Though it is uncomfortable, putting my hand in Daddy God’s hand, I feel the His strength. I feel comfort in His strength and it reminds me that He’s got this. He’s going to lead me in the right way.

What are you believing God for this year? How will you trust in His hand to guide you with each small step you take?

By the way, I was able to clone my hard drive. YAY!!!!! Praise God!! 🙂 Whew!!! That was scary.

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Hand

    • Thanks, John! Yes, it is hard. Funny how we have to regress back to that childlike faith because as adults we somehow start believing more in ourselves than in God. But He is so gracious and good to wait for us to come to Him like children, amen? Thanks for stopping by!

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