What I Learned in May

It is June and we are now halfway through the year! What??!! It is truly amazing how time flies these days. Didn’t we just start 2015? I could’ve sworn we just celebrated the New Year last week.

I plan on doing this new post series at the beginning of every month, reviewing all I learned from the previous month. I got this idea from one of my now favorite authors, Emily Freeman at her blog, Chatting at the Sky, which you can find on her home page, here: emilypfreeman.com. I will be posting five things I learned. Some will be serious and some not. Wisdom says it is good to look back on what you have learned before moving forward. So here we go:

  1. I’m always in a hurry to get to the next thing, so pausing to reflect on what I learned the previous month is going to be a challenge. Is this going to be fun or what? 🙂
  2. I’m fixin’ (preparing) to become obsessed with the Gone with the Wind, the movie. I started a GWTW night event with a friend of mine who has never seen it, and I am hoping it grows. Yes, I’m going all out with the decorating. This is only the beginning. P.S. The featured photo is my Scarlett garland that I made with cut-outs of Scarlett O’Hara. This will go on the t.v. stand for the next GWTW event. Ah, yes….*rubbing hands together*… I have more ideas churning in my noggin. 🙂
  3. The Lord spoke to me that this would be a year of new beginnings for me. Turns out year of new beginnings means, “year of having my faith stretched out into uncomfortable parameters”. I’m totally having to rely on God to come through in some way…to come through, show up, provide in big ways because the fulfillment of my goals and desires are way beyond me.
  4. Just  because I made fudge using a slow cooker once doesn’t mean I can do it a second time. I made fudge using a slow cooker a month ago and it turned out perfect. I tried it again over the weekend and it bombed. Don’t worry. I ain’t licked yet! I will try it again! (For you foreign readers, “licked” is a southern way of saying “not defeated”. It’s an old word though. Nobody uses it today in the South, but I’m determined to bring back old words and catch phrases.)
  5. Bullet journal. This is a new method I discovered through Emily Freeman as well. What a life changer! It’s method of organizing your time, daily to-do list, events, and general notes for the day. My old method was just using a regular notebook and writing things down, but if I wanted to look for it again I had to flip through all the pages because I had no idea where it was. This has a handy index page where I can write down the page number of where I wrote things. Check it out here: bulletjournal.com.

The month of May was a great month with the exchange of winter’s chill to spring’s warmer temperatures. I’ve been blessed to watch the transition. There were a lot of lessons to be learned, and I’m sure more to come! Six more months of lessons to be exact. I really do love to learn so I pray, Lord teach me Your ways and teach me Your heart!

If you have any lessons you learned in May, please join in the fun and share! Jesus said share. ;-D

4 thoughts on “What I Learned in May

  1. I follow Emily Freeman too and enjoy her what she learned so also loved reading yours. My word of the year, last year was stretch – yes it was an adventure too. God loves to take us up on these words and plans. Nice blog!!

    • Hi, Jean! Don’t you just love Emily?! I read a few of her books too, A Million Little Ways, and Grace for the Good Girl. Stretch!! Yeah, that is another good word for this year! Thank you so much for your comments!

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