What I learned In July

Fall is right around the corner and I am super excited. All you summer-lovin’ people I know will lament over the end of summer, but I rejoice! July was a hotter than hades kind of month and I stayed indoors as much as possible. You know that saying that describes the amount of sweat one produces? The “sweating like a pig” metaphor ? It is supposed to describe how profusely one sweats, however, it is not an accurate metaphor because pigs don’t sweat much at all which explains why they love the mud so much. We’re did we come up with that one!? I don’t sweat much so when it gets into the 90s (that’s Fahrenheit) and the heat index is in the 100s, I would rather eat shard glass than go outside into the suffocating heat.

Now that we are into August it is time to sum up what I learned in July. I’m following Emily P. Freeman’s “What I learned” series and if you would like to keep up with her lessons of the month you can follow the link to her blog, Chatting at the Sky, for her lessons of July. What did I learn in July? Well, here is my list:

  1. It is super cool to be a part of a book launching team for an author. I was selected among 149 other people to be a part of Emily P. Freeman’s book launching team for her newest book to be released August 18th. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I received the Advanced Reader’s Copy as I opened up the package. So cool. 🙂 I plan on writing a review to post later. Keep an eye out for it! And if you can be a part of a book launching team for an author, go for it! You’ll enjoy the experience.
  2. I love cheap fluffy pillows. After my mattress purchase in June I discovered I needed a new pillow because my old pillow became a little
    Bed made with white bed linen. Four fluffy pil...

    Bed made with white bed linen. Four fluffy pillows and crumpled sheet . Original description: 350 thread count sheets. Down featherbed. Down duvet. Super fluffy pillows. Ahhhhhhh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    too flat. With my need for a straight neck and spine, it does not help to have a flat pillow, or a pillow too fluffy. Too fluffy gives me a headache. I probably tested out 8 pillows some within the price range of ten to twenty dollars. I tried a Serta pillow and a tried two memory foam pillows, both of which gave me a headache every other day. Then I went to Kmart and found a Joe Boxer pillow for the price of four bucks! Eureka! I found my pillow! Who would ever think a cheap pillow would be the right fit?! It was just the right fluffiness without being too fluffy, and just the right flatness without being too flat. Goldie Locks has found her pillow. 🙂

  3. Watching new life spring up through the acceptance of Christ is a beauty to behold. I’ve have never been privileged to be a part of seeing
    Rose Bud

    Rose Bud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    someone come to Christ and be transformed and renewed…well, except my own transformation. The Lord has blessed me with this opportunity and I stand amazed. After months of praying, weeping, and encouraging, a person I know came to Christ. Praise God for He is truly awesome!!! Wow!! The beauty of it all is like watching a rose bud unfold.

  4. It is foolish to get into an argument with someone who doesn’t want to change. You ever get into those arguments with people who are bent on doing their own thing and resist any thought that what they are doing might not be right? Yeah. You can’t change their mind, so don’t. I’ve had these conversations with people before and it eventually becomes evident that they don’t really care if they are wrong because they are wise in their own conceit. Shake the dust off your feet and move on, said Jesus. Matthew 10:14. You can have all the facts and evidence to support your point, but the person will not care. Don’t waste your energy. Move onto someone who will listen. I can raise my hand and say, “been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.”
  5. Every relationship has hard conversations if it is a real relationship. Isn’t that the truth! I’ve actually learned this from past relationships. Girls, if your dating and you can’t be honest about what you want, but instead

    change yourself in order to match what the guy you are dating wants and you end up married, you will end up miserable. Having hard conversations means being honest. Maybe you have to confront an issue. Maybe your dating and you need to have those discussions about faith and money and kids and what it is you want from the relationship before marriage. If you’re not honest, you set yourself up for failure. If you want a successful marriage full of happiness and intimacy, wouldn’t it be better to be honest about what you want so you can find out if the guy wants the same thing? Too often we girls try to change who were are, because we are too afraid of losing the guy, but remember ladies: it is better to be single and alone than married and alone. Again, “been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.” Thankfully, I’ve learned before getting to the altar. This can apply to your friendships as well. Find a friend with whom you can be honest and won’t feel condemned or belittled for your honesty.

That is all for today. I apologize for posting this late. I wanted to get this posted yesterday but I was sicky. I blamed it on the honeydew I’ve been eating the past couple of days, but really not sure what it was since I’ve not been myself the past few days. If it was something that didn’t agree with my colon and the IBS, it usually lasts just a day. However, if it is something really bad, it will last a few days. I’m still not quite right, but I’m getting there. Thankful for God’s mercy. So what have you learned in July?

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