My Disappearing Act


Some of you might be wondering where I disappeared to. I probably seemed to vanish into thin air but I assure you I’m still here. 🙂 Life spilled over and I’ve had to take a sabbatical from writing posts. I’ve had some family issues going on, one of which was an uncle diagnosed with cancer whose health rapidly declined and then passed away last week. I’m still grieving, honestly. He was a close uncle and his suffering with lung cancer hurt to watch.

Second reason for my disappearance: I’m plum worn out. I am in the process of starting two business and my time and energy is focused on those two things right now. As some of you might know from previous posts, sleep and lack of energy is a constant struggle for me.

It hurts not to write. I feel the need to write, but to best serve the readers out there I need the time and energy to devote to writing and right now I just don’t have it.

I will check in when I can and read posts from my reader’s feed, but until I can carve out some time along with some energy, I will just be reading blogs rather than writing.

Be blessed, ya’ll!!

Until we meet again…


The Beauty and Miracle of Grace

In the basement of the church, I knelt at the alter with a few other kids. At twelve years old, I never really experienced church since my parents didn’t take us. Children’s church was a new concept to me. I heard of church but not a church for children. At the beginning of our time together in that chilly basement, we sang songs about Jesus. A Jesus I didn’t know. After singing there was a lesson that I don’t remember now. I’m sure it had to do with Jesus. Just guessing here. 😛 At the end there was an alter call for those kids who wanted to invite Jesus into their hearts. I went up not fulling understanding what I was doing, but so glad that I did.

Many years have passed since that day I knelt and received Christ. Many years and many mistakes later and I am more amazed now by the grace of Christ than I was as a young adolescent.

Brace yourself for a confession. I’ve been saved so long…and you reply: How long have you been saved? I’ve been saved so long, I actually take for granted what happened on that day.

Recently, I had the privilege of seeing someone come to faith in Christ. A very rare occasion. So rare, I would say this is really the first. This person in the crisis of their life with no where else to go, who had once identified as an atheist is now a part of the body of Christ. The transformation is incredible. The beauty of grace magnified because at one point they were in the depths of hell and now they are seated with Christ.

Those of us who are like me, who had been saved at a young age and walked with Christ now for many years, can be struck by the contrast. Once a person sat in darkness with no hope, despairing of life, and now living in the light of God’s grace with hope. As old as I am now, I can say I’ve lived most of my life walking with Christ. This person has lived most of their life apart from Christ until now. It’s like witnessing a tiny rose bud curled up in darkness suddenly stretching open its petals in response to the sun’s light.

A rose bud, unknown cultivar, photographed usi...

A rose bud, unknown cultivar, photographed using the high dynamic range (HDR) technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I know nothing, except what everyone knows—if there when Grace dances, I should dance.” ~ W.H. Auden

Oh, how we should dance with Grace! Sing with the angels over one lost sinner coming home!

I wonder if the church as a whole in America has forgotten Grace. I wonder if we have forgotten our mission to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel, making disciples of all nations. I know I have. I forgot.

My friend turning to Christ has reminded me that we live in a broken world in desperate need of a remedy—the only remedy—Christ.

Brokenness is all around us. I recently read from the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) that addictions of all kinds is quite prevalent in our society today. It has been noted as the number one public health issue. I’m not just talking about drug and alcohol abuse either. Gambling, sex, food, digital, adrenaline. You name it, we’re addicted.

How can the church respond to the brokenness?

Elect new government officials?


Pass new laws in Congress?


Respond with the Gospel of Jesus. The Gospel of Grace.

“Never water down the word of God, preach it in its undiluted sternness; there must be unflinching loyalty to the word of God; but when you come to personal dealing with your fellow men, remember who you are–not a special being made in heaven, but a sinner saved by grace.” ~ Oswald Chambers

Maybe to do this we need to remember the place from which we came. None of us were born saved. We were all born sinners in need of a savior. We all at one point in our lives came to the revelation that we were lousy, no good sinners and accepted Christ as our Savior.

Do I remember my chains? Do I remember the prison in which sin once held me? Do I remember how God reached down to my lowest hell and pulled me up with Him? Do I remember how He washed away the red, messy stain of my sin and made me white as snow?

I remember now.

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they are red as crimson, they shall be as wool.” ~ Isaiah 1:18

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth

Let us remember our former chains. Let us remember our mission to share the beauty and miracle of Grace with our fellow sinners. It is a beauty to behold. And when you see Grace dance, dance with her.

Prayer: Gracious Father, help us remember how You set us free. How You broke the chains of sin from us. And out of the abundance of Grace You have given, let us reach out and share with our fellow sinners to the glory of You!

What I learned In July

Fall is right around the corner and I am super excited. All you summer-lovin’ people I know will lament over the end of summer, but I rejoice! July was a hotter than hades kind of month and I stayed indoors as much as possible. You know that saying that describes the amount of sweat one produces? The “sweating like a pig” metaphor ? It is supposed to describe how profusely one sweats, however, it is not an accurate metaphor because pigs don’t sweat much at all which explains why they love the mud so much. We’re did we come up with that one!? I don’t sweat much so when it gets into the 90s (that’s Fahrenheit) and the heat index is in the 100s, I would rather eat shard glass than go outside into the suffocating heat.

Now that we are into August it is time to sum up what I learned in July. I’m following Emily P. Freeman’s “What I learned” series and if you would like to keep up with her lessons of the month you can follow the link to her blog, Chatting at the Sky, for her lessons of July. What did I learn in July? Well, here is my list:

  1. It is super cool to be a part of a book launching team for an author. I was selected among 149 other people to be a part of Emily P. Freeman’s book launching team for her newest book to be released August 18th. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I received the Advanced Reader’s Copy as I opened up the package. So cool. 🙂 I plan on writing a review to post later. Keep an eye out for it! And if you can be a part of a book launching team for an author, go for it! You’ll enjoy the experience.
  2. I love cheap fluffy pillows. After my mattress purchase in June I discovered I needed a new pillow because my old pillow became a little
    Bed made with white bed linen. Four fluffy pil...

    Bed made with white bed linen. Four fluffy pillows and crumpled sheet . Original description: 350 thread count sheets. Down featherbed. Down duvet. Super fluffy pillows. Ahhhhhhh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    too flat. With my need for a straight neck and spine, it does not help to have a flat pillow, or a pillow too fluffy. Too fluffy gives me a headache. I probably tested out 8 pillows some within the price range of ten to twenty dollars. I tried a Serta pillow and a tried two memory foam pillows, both of which gave me a headache every other day. Then I went to Kmart and found a Joe Boxer pillow for the price of four bucks! Eureka! I found my pillow! Who would ever think a cheap pillow would be the right fit?! It was just the right fluffiness without being too fluffy, and just the right flatness without being too flat. Goldie Locks has found her pillow. 🙂

  3. Watching new life spring up through the acceptance of Christ is a beauty to behold. I’ve have never been privileged to be a part of seeing
    Rose Bud

    Rose Bud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    someone come to Christ and be transformed and renewed…well, except my own transformation. The Lord has blessed me with this opportunity and I stand amazed. After months of praying, weeping, and encouraging, a person I know came to Christ. Praise God for He is truly awesome!!! Wow!! The beauty of it all is like watching a rose bud unfold.

  4. It is foolish to get into an argument with someone who doesn’t want to change. You ever get into those arguments with people who are bent on doing their own thing and resist any thought that what they are doing might not be right? Yeah. You can’t change their mind, so don’t. I’ve had these conversations with people before and it eventually becomes evident that they don’t really care if they are wrong because they are wise in their own conceit. Shake the dust off your feet and move on, said Jesus. Matthew 10:14. You can have all the facts and evidence to support your point, but the person will not care. Don’t waste your energy. Move onto someone who will listen. I can raise my hand and say, “been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.”
  5. Every relationship has hard conversations if it is a real relationship. Isn’t that the truth! I’ve actually learned this from past relationships. Girls, if your dating and you can’t be honest about what you want, but instead

    change yourself in order to match what the guy you are dating wants and you end up married, you will end up miserable. Having hard conversations means being honest. Maybe you have to confront an issue. Maybe your dating and you need to have those discussions about faith and money and kids and what it is you want from the relationship before marriage. If you’re not honest, you set yourself up for failure. If you want a successful marriage full of happiness and intimacy, wouldn’t it be better to be honest about what you want so you can find out if the guy wants the same thing? Too often we girls try to change who were are, because we are too afraid of losing the guy, but remember ladies: it is better to be single and alone than married and alone. Again, “been there. Done that. Won’t do it again.” Thankfully, I’ve learned before getting to the altar. This can apply to your friendships as well. Find a friend with whom you can be honest and won’t feel condemned or belittled for your honesty.

That is all for today. I apologize for posting this late. I wanted to get this posted yesterday but I was sicky. I blamed it on the honeydew I’ve been eating the past couple of days, but really not sure what it was since I’ve not been myself the past few days. If it was something that didn’t agree with my colon and the IBS, it usually lasts just a day. However, if it is something really bad, it will last a few days. I’m still not quite right, but I’m getting there. Thankful for God’s mercy. So what have you learned in July?

“He who does not sow with his heart…”

“I want to preach a sermon. . .” – NARA – 514567 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“He who does not sow with his heart in his study will never reap a harvest for God. The closet is the heart’s study. We will learn more about how to preach and what to preach there than we can learn in our libraries. ‘Jesus wept’ is the shortest and biggest verse in the Bible. It is he who goes forth weeping (not preaching good sermons), bearing precious seed, who shall come again rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. (Psalm 126:6)” ~ E.M. Bounds (1835-1913), Power Through Prayer.

Hey, ya’ll! I regret not being able to post more blogs here lately, but the past month or so my sleep became nearly non-existent. For new readers, sleep is my nightly struggle and low energy my daily struggle. If you did not read my last post, “What I learned In June”, I tried everything to get sleep, even purchased a new memory foam mattress. Still it did not help much but to relieve my back pain issues so I went through 8 new pillows before I settled on a cheap $4 pillow from Kmart. That seems to be helping. I’m getting some better sleep. I wish I could post more, but I must work with what energy I got. The past month I did more sleeping than anything else. By God’s grace, I will keep up posting at least every few weeks, as the Lord gives me the energy. May the Lord be with you and draw you ever closer to Him! Blessings!! 🙂

What I Learned In June

It is time to assess what I learned this past month. I must say, it has been a very difficult month.  Some joy sprinkled in the days of June along with the challenges. So, without further ado, here’s my list of five lessons for the month of June:

  1. A good mattress is essential for good sleep. I’ve watched a lot of those mattress commercials for either the Sleep Number bed or Tempera-pedic. The actors talk about how much better they slept after they got their new mattress. Before their new purchase, they had aches and pains and sleepless nights. In May, I couldn’t relate. After June, I can relate. I slept terrible this past month. I struggle with sleep a lot to begin with because of health issues, but this June I think I walked with my eyes closed the whole month. So I bought me a new mattress despite the fact I make little money. Writing big checks almost give me a heart attack, but I did it. My body feels better, sort of. Now, my new problem: find a new pillow to replace the flattened pillow I’ve been using for 5 years.
  2. I don’t like being small. I am small, petite, if you please, and always have been. Why do I not like being small? I feel insignificant. I felt my significance fading when I started losing a massive amount of weight due to health issues years ago. I went from being 110 lbs to 79 lbs. There are many other things that make me feel small, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how Jesus came into the world as small and lived as small. He didn’t seek fame but he got it because of his work among the people. He was born as an infant in an obscure stable with only a few people there to celebrate his birth. Small is where we are in this great big world, under a great big God. I can embrace my smallness and in turn, embrace a BIG God. Amen?

    The quieter you become: Photo credits to Bec at Flickr.

    Sunset. Photo credits to Bec at Flickr.

  3. Abraham was called out by God. Sounds like a lesson from children’s church, eh? Think about it. The past few weeks we’ve been Abraham at church and the promise God gave him. The first thing that struck me like lightening is that God called an idolater out of an idolatrous country. You think Abraham knew God back in the Ur of Chaldean? Oh no. He probably lived his life like the others in his country, worshiping everything but the Creator until God showed up. A God initiated relationship turned into a God initiated covenant. God came to Abraham. God reached out to Abraham, a sinner. I recently heard this quote, “All other religions is man searching for God. In Christianity, you have God searching for man.” How beautiful?! How merciful and gracious and loving for God to reach down to the lowest depths to a sinner such as I and initiate a relationship.
  4. Bok choy and egg plant and yellow squash are good combinations for a stir fry. Who knew? I’ve never heard of bok choy til a year ago. I found a recipe for stir fry and tried it out this past Friday. Can I just say, yum-o!! It turned out delish (delicious) and I plan to make that again soon!
  5. A little ginger goes a long way. In my culinary adventures, I’ve discovered this truth while making sesame ginger chicken. The recipe called for 1 tablespoon of grated ginger. I don’t have grated ginger, but ground ginger I do, so I used that instead. Did I use a tablespoon of it? Not quite, but close and–whoa! Was it spicy!! My mouth was on fire and my nose running. Lesson learned: Only a teaspoon of ground ginger is needed.

You can probably guess what will be part of July’s lessons. Anybody guessing it has to do with a new pillow? 🙂 Hope everyone has a great July. Keep pressing into Jesus!

Books I Am Determined To Finish Reading This Month

I got into a bad habit, ya’ll. I have a bad habit of starting books and then putting them down and starting another. This has led to a pile of 20 something books by my bedside that I’ve started and not finished. So, my goal for this month is to finish two books. I can start another book; I just got to finish two.

This is it. The books I'm determined to finish.

This is it. The books I’m determined to finish.

And because I love hearing what other people are reading, I thought I would share what books I currently am reading. The picture you see featured are the books. So in no particular order, I’ll summarize the books for you:

  • True Love Dates by Debra Fileta. Yes, it is a book on dating. No, it will not tell you dating is less holy than courtship. Debra has, in my opinion, a balanced take on dating and relationships. We all want to do relationships right, but sometimes we get so caught up in doing things perfectly that we start living in fear of doing the wrong thing. Let’s call it hamartiaphobia (hamartia is the Greek word for sin), the fear of sinning. The only fear we should have is the fear of the Lord. If we have a fear of anything else, it will lead us to bondage, captivity. We are called to walk in faith, not fear. Amen? To summarize the book, Debra encourages singles to date inward, or in other words, get to know yourself first. Then date outward and upward. Get to know others through your dating interactions and, most importantly, know God. In the introduction, Debra explains, “Dating upward proposes that to fully engage in the exchange of love with another human being, you must first experience it within the context of a relationship with God.”
  • Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery. I must admit I am a big fan of the Anne series. I have all eight books and I read them just about every summer. Montgomery’s descriptions of a scenery in Prince Edward Island is as breathtaking as if you were there seeing it with your own eyes. Anne of Avonlea is the second book in the series. And I must warn you, if you watched the movies, there is not a whole lot of similarities with the sequel of the movie by producer Kevin Sullivan. Anne starts teaching in her old schoolhouse where she was a student, but there is much more that happens in the book than in the movie. Marilla adopts twin orphans, a boy and a girl, much to Anne’s joy. Anne and Gilbert become friends and share in taking correspondent courses while teaching. And of course, throw in a few more mishaps that only Anne can do. New and interesting characters are introduced such as Miss Lavendar of Echo Lodge. I love the characters and I love all the stories Montgomery weaved into the book. It is a lighthearted and charming book.
  • What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa Terkeurst. Lysa is the president and founder of the Proverbs 31 Women organization that helps women to grow in their faith. I’ve read a few of her books and love her honesty and humor. I also love how I can relate to her struggles with insecurity and fears. This book was written in 2005 and I am just now discovering it. Great book and Bible study!! And so what I need right now in this stage of my life where I am wanting to walk in faith and see how God moves in big ways in my life. Lysa says in her introduction, “I believe God gives every woman a dream. Not the same dream, of course, but a dream that is especially tailored for her talents and His purposes.” But like the Israelites, we women face some obstacles along the way. A desert full of discouragement, impatience, fear, and fatigue. Giants in the Promise Land. We always have a choice when faced with these obstacles: either shrink back and give up, or keep plugging ahead.  In the book she teaches on five phases of faith: Leaving, Famine, Believing, Death, and Resurrection. I don’t want to say too much, but just enough to wet your whistle…pique your interest. Trust me, the book is full of good stuff. There are questions at the end of each chapter along with verses to help you dig into God’s word and listen for His voice. Have a notebook or journal handy!
  • Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable by Valorie Burton. I am proud to say I just finished this book today at the time I’m writing these words (Wednesday, June 17). YAY!!! I bought this book a long time ago. A looooooong time ago. I’m pretty sure I bought it in October of last year. This book is written by life and executive coach, Valorie Burton. If you find yourself stuck in life, not moving forward with your goals, this book might help you pin point why and encourage you to keep going. There are question at the end to get your wheels turning in your head and a prayer at the end. The author has been featured on several t.v. shows including Oprah and The Today Show. I like this lady. She gives me a good kick in the pants. Many of us have learned bad habits that have not served us well in life. I know I have. However we’ve learned these bad happens, whether learned through our dysfunctional families, or just got into making bad choices that became bad habits, it is never too late to learn new ones. We are not doomed!  Valorie encourages me with these words, “God wants to do a new thing in you. What has occurred in the past does not need to dictate your future.” She teaches you to be aware of emotions and triggers that can be keeping you stuck. She gives inspiration to conquer those emotions and triggers, and helps you to rescript your story so it “epitomizes the power of God in your life”, allowing you to step into the amazing life God has for you. If you want to find out more about Valorie and what she does, check out this link to her website:
  • Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient by Valorie Burton. Yes, I have another one of Valorie’s books. 🙂 I must admit, I’m not very far along in this book. It’s a good book; I just got distracted by all my other books. Well, it is work to read it because I have to think and write. This book is a little bit of a different format than the above book. There are thought-provoking questions that she asks throughout the chapters, but not in every chapter where you have to write down something. I get stuck on the questions and have to put it down for awhile. Valorie defines success as a “harmony of purpose, resilience, and joy. Think of it this way: Success is living your life’s purpose and embracing resilience and joy as you do.” There is a lie I have believed about success. I believed that success comes only to the most talented and gifted of people. The rest of us have to sit on the sidelines. Not true! Valorie teaches 9 habits that successful women have and anyone can learn. One of the main reasons why success comes to people is because they think differently. What do they think? One of thoughts is about themselves. They believe they can do whatever it is they want to achieve. The ones that struggle and quit are the people that doubt themselves. My pastor always says, “If you can change your thinking, you can change your life.”  The first habit Valorie teaches is “Believe you can do it.” She teaches in this first habit to adopt a “growth mindset” rather than a fixed one, and to take notice of what you tell yourself and adjust your thoughts to accurate thinking which is different than positive thinking. You can be positive all day long but not be accurate. “Choose hope. Dream big. Learn new skills. Believe all things are possible.”
  • The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard. Deep stuff, dude. Deep stuff. I’ve been reading this one for awhile too. I am almost done with it though with a just a few more chapters to go. While Willard covers a lot in this book (it’s 400 pages), the gist of it is about how we as Christians are to live in God’s kingdom on earth, “the kingdom of the heavens”. Many Christians have the mindset that the primary function of Christianity is as, Willard called it, “admittance into heaven”. In this book, Willard shares his hope, “to gain a fresh hearing for Jesus, especially among those who believe they already understand him. In his case, quite frankly, presumed familiarity has led to unfamiliarity, unfamiliarity has led to contempt, and contempt has led to profound ignorance. Very few people today find Jesus interesting as a person or of vital relevance to the course of their actual lives…The life and words that Jesus brought into the world came in the form of information and reality. He and his early associates overwhelmed the ancient world because they brought into it a stream of life at its deepest, along with the best information possible on the most important matters.” Towards the end of the book, Willard teaches on the primary function of the Church which is to make disciples. Unfortunately, in the West, we do little of that. We live in an age where the darkness is getting darker. While it might seem darkness is winning, light never shines as bright as when it is darkest. We need to let our light shine! Willard really draws out some great truths from Scripture that has inspired me to let my light shine. People are hurting and they need to know where to go to be healed.
  • One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future by Dr. Ben Carson. This book is a political book. Now, don’t roll your eyes. There’s nothing inherently evil about politics. I don’t talk much about politics on this blog because that is not the focus, though, I might imply some things that are debated by both political parties. Nothing wrong with that. We have some serious issues going on in this country that, yes, involve politics; just no way around that. We have issues that need to be debated and discussed and discussed some more, because we have some decisions to make about what kind of country we really want to be. I feel we are at a crossroads with this next presidential election coming up and we, as Americans, need to decide which America we are going to be: the one our Founding Fathers envisioned, or this new America that some are propagating.  In the preface of the book, you can find a transcript of Dr. Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast from 2013. You can also read some of his story on how he rose from poverty to the place as the most respected neurosurgeon in the country. Very inspiring!! “Many Americans argue that our nation’s future does not need to be saved and that we are in very good shape. They think that only partisans are skeptical about our future and that people say negative things in order to make the current administration look bad. They see the beautiful view that is America, but they don’t have the common sense and wisdom to look for lowering clouds that obscure the mountain.” Some issues he talks about? Political correctness, racism, elitism, historical revisionists, education, unity. He also talks about the need for civility in our debates over hot button issues. How do we cordially disagree with someone while making a stand for what we believe? There are action steps at the end of each chapter to help encourage you to increase your awareness of how you treat others that disagree with you and also how to be better informed for the voting booth, and how to deal with academic/pc bullies.

There’s so many more books I need to finish, and I just got a new book in today!! Woohoooo!!!! I’m a bookaholic. What books are you reading? Leave a comment and don’t forget to give me the author. I might want to read it! 🙂

What I Learned in May

It is June and we are now halfway through the year! What??!! It is truly amazing how time flies these days. Didn’t we just start 2015? I could’ve sworn we just celebrated the New Year last week.

I plan on doing this new post series at the beginning of every month, reviewing all I learned from the previous month. I got this idea from one of my now favorite authors, Emily Freeman at her blog, Chatting at the Sky, which you can find on her home page, here: I will be posting five things I learned. Some will be serious and some not. Wisdom says it is good to look back on what you have learned before moving forward. So here we go:

  1. I’m always in a hurry to get to the next thing, so pausing to reflect on what I learned the previous month is going to be a challenge. Is this going to be fun or what? 🙂
  2. I’m fixin’ (preparing) to become obsessed with the Gone with the Wind, the movie. I started a GWTW night event with a friend of mine who has never seen it, and I am hoping it grows. Yes, I’m going all out with the decorating. This is only the beginning. P.S. The featured photo is my Scarlett garland that I made with cut-outs of Scarlett O’Hara. This will go on the t.v. stand for the next GWTW event. Ah, yes….*rubbing hands together*… I have more ideas churning in my noggin. 🙂
  3. The Lord spoke to me that this would be a year of new beginnings for me. Turns out year of new beginnings means, “year of having my faith stretched out into uncomfortable parameters”. I’m totally having to rely on God to come through in some way…to come through, show up, provide in big ways because the fulfillment of my goals and desires are way beyond me.
  4. Just  because I made fudge using a slow cooker once doesn’t mean I can do it a second time. I made fudge using a slow cooker a month ago and it turned out perfect. I tried it again over the weekend and it bombed. Don’t worry. I ain’t licked yet! I will try it again! (For you foreign readers, “licked” is a southern way of saying “not defeated”. It’s an old word though. Nobody uses it today in the South, but I’m determined to bring back old words and catch phrases.)
  5. Bullet journal. This is a new method I discovered through Emily Freeman as well. What a life changer! It’s method of organizing your time, daily to-do list, events, and general notes for the day. My old method was just using a regular notebook and writing things down, but if I wanted to look for it again I had to flip through all the pages because I had no idea where it was. This has a handy index page where I can write down the page number of where I wrote things. Check it out here:

The month of May was a great month with the exchange of winter’s chill to spring’s warmer temperatures. I’ve been blessed to watch the transition. There were a lot of lessons to be learned, and I’m sure more to come! Six more months of lessons to be exact. I really do love to learn so I pray, Lord teach me Your ways and teach me Your heart!

If you have any lessons you learned in May, please join in the fun and share! Jesus said share. ;-D